Thursday, November 27, 2008

Gaining 5lbs. overnight, thanks THANKSGIVING!

So Thanksgiving was pretty NICE.
No work, little cousin came over, obnoxiously oversized dinner, good laughs, and all the other fantastic bullshit that comes with celebrating Thanksgiving.

I spent a good week or two sprouting, dehydrating and experimenting with different mediums and marinades that could make for a proper turkey substitute. Last year's Thanksgiving was kind of lame food wise, so I wanted to really step it up this year. Mostly in part to wanting to show my extended family that a raw Thanksgiving won't be solely about a carrot carved into a drumstick.

Those assholes wanted to put me in charge of basting the turkey as well. What the fuck is that shit?!! Obviously, they must know how much I love slathering butter on dead animals.

Anywho, tomorrow is black friday (yay) and yes, I intend on being one of those people who wake up at the ass crack of dawn to celebrate Christmas materialism early. Hate me for it, I really don't give a shit, I'm a holiday whore and I have NO shame in admitting that!

I'm also bracing myself for the cookies that will soon follow as soon as mid-december hits.
THAT is going to be some crazy shit!

Here's my Thanksgiving dinner...I didn't really bother to take pictures of the family, since I spent most of my time in the kitchen (I get lazy with recording this shit sometimes).

Pumpkin Pie, Cranberry-Cherry Compote, and some marinated Butternut Squash

                   "Turkey", Mashed "Potatoes" with a Portobello Gravy, and Stuffing

The Cranberry Compote here with Rosemary

  Pumpkin Pie via the DEHYDRATOR! 

The most exciting part about experimenting with different mediums is finding new ways to do things to better suit those modifications. For example, I know many raw pie recipes call for refrigeration. BUT, what if you're craving a slice of WARMMM pumpkin pie? Stick it in the dehydrator, and that pie is shit outta luck, gettin all melty and nasty like. And granted that a LOT of entrees can be done in dehydrator, getting the right consistency without being overly reliant on fats to solidify it can prove difficult.

I'm happy to report that I used literally no more then 1/4c. of nuts in ALL of this (mostly because nut heavy dishes can turn expensive really quick).

Enjoy the pictures and look forward to more since finals week is coming up, and after that i'm on BREAK!!! (which means yes, more food making) :]


April said...

Beautiful pictures! I can't believe you only used 1/4 of a cup of nuts! That is amazing! Thanks for sharing, this food looks delicious!

Little Miss Sunshine said... all looks Amazzzing! Hm, move in with me and become my personal chef? hahha

RAWVOLTA said...

I want to eat all of it and eat you ! You know, how amazing your dishes are ? Incredibly !

Alison said...

That pumpkin pie looks amazing!! :)

Anonymous said...

r you releasing any recipe Ebooks?? I would defin by it if you did. Your garnishes are amazing !!

rawpomona said...

I hope you'll post your recipes -- this food looks amazing!

April said...

I nominated you for kreativ blogger award :). Your raw food pictures are some of my favorites out there.

Elizabeth Jarrard said...

oh my gosh! i can't believe that is all raw!! the pie looks AMAZING!!! kudoos.

Raw Goddess said...

You make the most amazing looking food! Love it!

Jim said...

That pumpkin pie looks really, really good. Great photos as well as creativity.

To Your Health!
James Reno

kevin georgina grayson simon said...

I miss your blog so much. Please post again. Your food looks amazing and is such an inspiration for me in my kitchen.... come back...come back!

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