Thursday, September 18, 2008

An Ode to Figs, a Newer Space, and Bomb Ass Lemon Ice Cream

It's always a pleasant surprise to come home and find either:
A. a coconut somebody bought for me, waiting to be mauled on the kitchen sink
B. a naked hot guy waiting for me on my bed smeared with raw whipped cream and bing cherries
C. a new issue of bon appetit magazine shoved into the mailbox

since nobody aside from myself really bothers to buy coconuts, 'a' doesn't really happen too often, and the last time a hot naked dude was sprawled out on my bed covered in raw goodness was about 16 hours ago when I was asleep. (actually, I didn't sleep very much last night, since booty popping to FAT techno beats replaced the ZZZZ's, so being able to recall ANY type of dream is beyond miraculous.)

So, yes, that would leave C.

Despite this magazine being hardly anywhere NEAR raw, the monthly food porn, I must admit, has me addicted.
It's also what lead me into finding (and becoming slightly obsessive over) Herme's stuff.
If I'm not mistaken, I'm thinking it was the March? issue that had a special on his Litchi and Rose Petal Ispahan inspired Frozen Yogurt. 
How anyone could NOT love Pierre's stuff is beyond me.
I'd molest that man in his sleep if I could.
I'd blow every staff member in his kitchen if it meant being able to have a chance to be trained by him (okay, I may be exaggerating slightly there.)

That's pure love baby. PURE love. Minus the, oh, thousand PLUS price tag for these babies.

The dessert front over here hasn't really been poppin off lately.
Mostly because I'm wrapped up in work and trying to get my shit together for school (which reminds me, I should probably be buying my books and parking ticket, oh, um..NOW?)

         The Fig and Lemon Anglaise Tartlet

Whenever fig season ends, it always depresses me. Seriously.
Fresh Kimi or Turkey Figs straight off the tree. Hot damn. Nothing quite hits the spot like them babies.

                                                              Lemoncello Ice Cream

Taking pictures of ice cream blows also.
I'll never be taking pictures of it again, but you know, I didn't have any ice cream pics up, and EVERYONE and their mom has at least one I needed to get me suma THAT!

The next dessert is going to be fucking crazy.
for real.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Chocolate Ganache Cake

I forgot to post this up.