Thursday, August 21, 2008

smoothie addict: coke in a blender

Before you get pissed that i'm posting something without pictures of desserts that i've been lagging on making, let me JUST say this..

I just finished 5 days on smoothies and juices only, and shit, it really only made me realize how much I missed that sort of thing. The extra energy you save from not having to digest anything has really been coming in handy (leaving work at 1 am. has no longer become exhausting, though, I can't say it's solved anything in terms of my anger towards starbuck's underpaid slave labor). So the day I ended my non-solid business, I had the worst feeling in my stomach after eating a papaya salad for lunch... SHITTYYYY let me tell you. I was so fucking tired, that I considered sleeping off the food as gross as that sounds (I haven't done that shit since my teenage alcohol induced days).

I really REALLY want to go back on a smoothie fast again. Probably tomorrow?
This time, I'd like to go for 2 weeks.

Keep in mind, I'm sort of a fat ass with my smoothies... so my smoothies (though mostly green....okay...maybe at least 1/3 green) usually end up being at LEAST 48 oz. per smoothie..unless i'm making something more elaborate in terms of drinks... like maybe a chocolate lavender mint smoothie, or a cloverfield honey pina colada. MMM.

I'd like to go longer then 2 weeks, but one of two things is going to happen if I even TRY to do that:
1) my parents will think I have an eating disorder, and am thus trying to lose weight by doing this.
2) I'll go ape shit afterwards and nut binge (no pun intended...well, maybe just a little) and then get sick, swear off of nuts, and then go back into the fridge 2 hours later looking for brazils, get sick again, and then have my mom hovering over me "well, THIS is what you get! you screw your body up with this raw shit! you need meat on you! eat carnitas!" avoid to the inevitably, I'm going to only mention that i'll be juicing it up again, leaving out the small 2 week detail. 

SHIT. I just remembered, i'm going to san diego at the end of this month..

i'll have to make a few exceptions for some raw goodies if I run across them..but other then THAT, i'll try to keep my meals as "mono-meal" friendly as possible, so I, again, don't get sick and end up in the bathroom for..erm..hours on end.. 
not that you really needed to know that, but the same shit happens to you, i'm sure, whenever you eat something that's not agreeable with your stomach. (or maybe not, maybe it's just me)

best ever

I subscribed to their quarterly enews, and apparently i'll be getting a vegetarian times subscription out of it as well?
fuckin sweet!

I'm supposed to go wig shopping with my cousin in about 30 minutes... waiting on her lagging ass to call
wig shopping is uberly fun. everyone should do it at least once a month.

very therapeutic.

PS- after my smoothie kick, the desserts will be back. I PROMISE. I know you don't give a shit about the random shit that
goes down in my life sans raw.

PSS- jk. I hope not..that shit would suck... I'm more then desserts damn it!
PSSS- actually, my brother called me a nut magician for being able to do the things that I do with nuts
(not like that you perverts...he wouldn't know about those sorts of things..)



David said...

what about eating salads around the house and pretending to eat other stuff and feed to dog or what not

April Nicole said...

you can't pretend you're eating ice cream while you have a piece of romaine sticking out of your mouth.