Thursday, August 14, 2008

Instant Gratification..

I love fat..

In fact, to gain and now maintain my weight, I'll eat anywhere from 1/4c. nuts - 1c. of nuts a day, along with coconut, avocados, etc etc.

but, with that being said..I'm getting REALLY burned out on them. Time for a break?
AH..I think so

After work, I made a fresh green juice.. celery, parsley, cucumber, spinach, chard, wheatgrass.
Sometimes I get so caught up making desserts that I forget about how awesome a cold, fresh 16oz. glass of green can taste.

So, tomorrow I'm going to do juicing and smoothies only, and then see how long I can ride it out after the day's over..
That being said, here's what i've been up to..

Went to Palm Dessert..AGAIN... to go swimming and walk around downtown and whatnot..

My brother went out of his way to buy me a kookie karma, which I felt bad for since I really do NOT like their stuff. Cashews gross me out. They always taste rancid to me for some reason.
Not only that, but the 'lemon fig' cookie (or, kookie) tasted nothing like lemon OR figs. It was almost like a slap in the face to the taste of a fresh fig or lemon to even compare the cookie to such a thing.

Actually, I wanted to talk about this.
I don't EVER really buy other raw snacks/prepared foods partially because I always find them very disappointing and more often WAY overpriced. ($8 for a brownie? really? REALLY?) Come on now, I make this shit all the time, I'm well aware of how much it costs to make these things, and it does NOT cost that much..
greedy bastards!

And then I stop and think to myself that I need to get my ass in gear and start getting my stuff into the mainstream..
Only because it genuinely bothers me that people out there are settling for shit. Sorry if that sounds mean, but it's true.


So I finally tried the chocolate fudge cake from Cru, since they now sell it in the market near my house..


I love chocolate. really. 
But when I can't get my fucking fork through the "cake"... yeah... it's no longer a "cake".
more like a massive chocolate bar.

The first bite was good, the second, alright, and after that I threw it away since it was making me nauseous. 

So far, the only prepared raw foods that I can say something nice about, would be Leaf's stuff. Not too expensive, not too nut heavy, and still pretty good. Actually, I bought their brownie last week on sale for $3 since I get too lazy to make my own stuff sometimes.. 

ALSO, got this baby for $2. SCOOOORE!

It tasted better then it looks.
Man, nothing beats fresh dragonfruit... except for maybe fresh celeste and king figs, and then maybe rambutan and mangosteen.. but yeah... after all those, dragon fruit OOOOOWNS.

Anywho, after my juicing/smoothie fling, I plan on making an opera amaretto cake..
so I guess doing greens for awhile will be another plus, since this'll give me time to draw out the design and structure of the cake.. get things 'ready' if you know what I mean ;]

well, iron chef is on, and I need to call work to make sure nobody hustled my ipod that I accidently left behind this morning. (I'm fully convinced that half the people I work with do NOT like me since i've openly stated that I am not a christian or catholic) Seriously, some of those bitches (yes, I can and WILL call them bitches) have hidden my shit way too many times 

"oops! sorry april! I thought you'd be able to find it!"

... underneath an espresso machine?

why the FUCK would I think look for my cell phone underneath an espresso machine when my stuff is in the complete opposite end of the building?!!

gah. enough complaining. I don't want to sound whiney. 




David said...

wheat grass gave me full body orgasm. i haven't played with ginseng yet.

fresh dragon fruit looks ridiculous.

shirtless pics available at

David said...

cashews always taste rancid probably because they always are rancid :)
they heat the shell to open them.

labellers are liars.

April Nicole said...

LIES! I don't see any topless photos up in there. :[
get me all excited for nothing..bummer!

and yes, american ginseng is the shit. siberian is really good as well.

cashews=donkey ass

not that I would know how that tastes...but i'm assuming that it's pretty similar.