Tuesday, July 29, 2008


It's the oddest thing.
I've been craving soy of all kinds lately... soy milk, soy cheese, soy soy soy. I'll usually try to fill the void with nut or coconut milks, seed cheeses, blaaaah blah blah. It's just not the same though. Soy has such a distinctive flavor to it, that I really can't see duplicating it with OUT using the soy beans. 

Vegan junk food too, like the cheese pizza and burritos from this place I used to go to in Upland. SOOO GOOD. I guess those things couldn't really be classified as junk, since everything was organic and from their garden, along with them only using cold pressed oils (olive, palm, avocado, etc etc) in their cooking. My brother told me to just go out there and eat it just to get it over with... get it out of my system.. I would just be so disappointed in myself if I went out and did that sort of thing... I'm also not too sure if my stomach would be able to handle that sort of thing. I mean, in small amounts yes, but a whole meal? I'm very tempted to go and find out for myself.

And then what if I DO go out and have a cooked lunch? That may very well lead to many, MANY more cooked meals, since I tend to be an extremist in the respect to thinking either black or white on most things..

c'est la vie.

I'm trying to constantly remind myself that I'm probably only feeling this way since NOBODY I'm around on a day to day basis is raw, let alone vegan. The people at my work seem to think that THAT in itself is extreme enough. "April, the blended lemonade is vegan!" "um, it has cane juice, brown rice syrup, fructose, glucose, aspartame, red dye 1,2 and blue 3."



Give me some input if you're reading this right now.
Should I just go out and get it out of my system, or just keep it buried and let it eat away at me until I have enough cash money to blow on a 10 tray excalibur? 

I also must confess, that i've been oogling 'what the hell does a vegan eat anyways' 's blog. Damn it, so not helping.

Maybe the raw coconut cake i'm working on, and cookie trio will help me get over all this.



here is a chart it does not have soy on it, but i suspect that your body is lacking something therefore you are having cravings for cooked food.
love and light April my darling

April Nicole said...

I do have a really good diet though..
high greens, fruit, i've even been cutting back on fat!

Thanks though :]

Rediscover Raw Food said...

Maybe you need to taper off of the fat more gently. Anyway, I don't suggest you go out and have a fully cooked meal. You've been Raw for a while, and you might get quite ill. Don't do it, girl!

If the craving persists and you need to have that soy, just have 3 bites and chuck the rest. After that your body doesn't really register the flavors anyway. You still may have some negative effects though. When I give in to cravings, I end up with a face like a relief map. So attractive.

April Nicole said...

HAHA. yeah, that might be it...maybe i'm cutting out too much fat too fast?? Since usually to maintain my weight (I gained like a good 5-10lbs since the time you met me, haha) I keep about a 35-40% fat intake...lately it's been around 20% if that.

Also, I made a vegan pizza last night for my dad and brother, and at first it sounded really good, but after I made it, it looked disgusting..even though I made everything fresh and my dad really enjoyed it.

April said...

Hey. It is hard to be raw in a world where cooked food is the norm. Stay strong girl! I am not even completely raw but want to be.


Maybe you should just drink lots and lots of water to fill up your tummy.
I get a craving for Mexican Pan Dulce sometimes, and I have to keep reminding myself of what it is actually made out of.

Keep strong!!!

April Nicole said...

yeah tell me about me!
i'm scared to break raw, just because i'm not quite sure my body will be able to handle it..which would result in either violent vomiting or shiting. HAHA

Anonymous said...

Stay strong!!! You can do it!!