Monday, June 23, 2008

TOO damn hot

I hate this weather. 100+ degrees is NOT flattering whatsoever, at least not on me anyways... makeup all melting down my face causing temporary blindness, hair all jerry curled and shit, clothing sticking to my body every which way. And WHERE am I writing this blog from? PALM SPRINGS! Whatever possessed my parents into believing that the desert is the place to be for summer is incredibly disturbed. All the people here look like all sucked up and either red from the sun or orange from overindulging in store bought self tanner lotion. RANK. ESPECIALLY ESPECIALLY since that meant missing out on the big Au Lac trip all the oc/la raw foodies took. gaaaaay. I'm going down there next month FOR SURE. I don't give a damn if that means eating alone! It will be done!

all unbearable heat aside, this week/weekend has actually been varrrrrry good. mhm. STRAIGHT A'S SUCKKKAS! Busted my ass all quarter so in case I fucked up during finals, i'd be covered 100%. Next quarter doesn't start until Sept., so expect more blog updates and food and such...unless of course I get lazy (which wouldn't be much of a surprise with this disgusting heat wave) and completely forget about it until I see somebody else's blog updated. Saturday we went out to LA with some familia and cruised around town before hittin palm springs. Stopped by the observatory (gay. boring. all around lamesauce) and then chinatown and olvera st. (woop! $3 purse and some possibly infected $5 shiitakes..I guess i'll find out whether they're rotten or not when I eat them and possibly get the shits) then I convinced everyone to try out Cru since i've been dying to eat there...well, everyone except for my brother who walked across the street to some gay (literally) chicken hut/breakfast place who's specialty (brace yourself) was..yes... sausage...WHICH was eaten inside Cru, so the smell of fried chicken and corn bread filled the restaurant and, i'm sure, spoiled the taste of the food for some people. Surprisingly, they didn't ask him to leave or even eat outside, they just sort of glared at him, probably visualizing him with a machete in his head or something. 

SO. onto the Cru, and my review of it.

The restaurant should be bigger. MUCH bigger. It's cute, don't get me wrong, but seriously, there were people who were either getting turned away, or told they'd have to wait for a minimum of 30 minutes just for a table. Which wasn't cool, because I know if that had been me, I would've been pissed. The service? Shit. Sorry if that sounds mean and all, but I'm just being honest. They have ONE server. ONE. I know that may seem adequate considering that the restaurant itself only has about 10 tables, but it wasn't. We waited for 30 minutes just to get water, and some freakishly large, very bland, flax chips. 

The Chorizo Wraps (BOMBAY. A little dry, but really good shit)
     Pizza Duo (also, pretty good. The nut pestos both retained distinct sweet & savory qualities)
                       The brownie w/vanilla ice cream (major disappointment. MAJOR)

No complaints about the quality of taste on both entrees. Was the pizza worth $15 and the brownie $8? FUCK NO. I'd pay the $8 for the chorizo again, since that was reasonably priced... but seriously, not to sound like a glutinous lard ass or anything, but the 4 slices combined were literally the size of my hand. And that side salad was plain. No elaborate sauce, nope. Not even some freaking olive oil! Which would've perfectly complimented the pizza. NOPE. Just good ol' plain greens. The brownie was the biggest disappointment, seriously. I'm (obviously) really into raw dessert preparation, so when I'm paying (okay, I didn't pay for lunch, but that's completely besides the point) $8 for a brownie and a scoop of ice cream, I'm expecting it to be pretty damn good. 
The brownie was OKAY, the aesthetic of the brownie itself reminded me of a rye flatbread, the recipe could've called for a sweeter nut, and maybe less dates and more cacao. The ice cream was shit. Sorry. It didn't even taste like vanilla. It tasted like, hm.. mildly flavored ice. Yes, that would be the best description. Though, the presentation was nice, and the chocolate sauce was pretty okay, so i'll give them that.

Next order of business. EREWHON. Yes, I finally went, and yes, I came 48190481024029321317 times each second I was in that beautiful, beautiful store. I had to contain myself, otherwise i would've ended up blowing $200 easy on ingredients. Their smoothies are overpriced. Just thought i'd throw that in. Finally bought some irish moss (woooo!) which will be put to very good use in the upcoming weeks. AAAND, they give you a free reusable bag! very cool.

       Chocolate Chip Cookies

In happier dessert news, I've completed phase 1 of my cookie project. Your ass heard (or read, rather) right. Cookie project. I'm on a mission to create the perfect raw chocolate chip cookie. These ones came out reallllllly good, though, next time I'm going to use a darker agave to compliment the chocolate better. Oh man. I had like, 6 today already. I can't breathe, or walk, and my stomach is probably going to explode causing violent throw up to spew out of my mouth, was so worth it. 

I just uploaded amilli and day 'n' night onto my phone's ringtones and now i'm extremely happy, with the exception of my ass numbing because somebody switched out the comfy seat for the hard ass steel one. Ah lil' wayne, why are you so DOPE?!


Rediscover Raw Food said...

Bummer that you couldn't make it to Au Lac. I'll definitely be going again. The cookies look amazing, and oh yeah, my daughter went to PowerHouse and saw Lil Wayne last weekend!

April Nicole said...

what?!!! I want to see him live SOO bad :C

definitely lame about au lac..I was so bummed when I found out I wouldn't be anywhere near the area. it's my mission to eat there, esp. after all the rave reviews I hear about Ito's food and such.

Jessica said...

ok so i just found your blog, you are one funny cookie, of course of the raw type! i read all your posts to get understand you, or at least what you've decided to share and boy was i glad i was alone. i would have random outbursts of laughter, girl you are ridiculous. its good to have some people my age around, if only you lived closer. i'm in the santa barbara area and while there is a decent community i haven't gotten into it mostly because most are my parents age, nothing wrong with that but i don't connect with that as much. and i guess also i'm a bit embarrassed that i haven't really made this a lifestyle, but i'm better than before so i guess thats all that really matters!

April said...

those cookies look rawesome!

April Nicole said...

jessica- i'm glad you enjoy my blogs that i'm always convinced are complete and utter pointless crap. santa barbara eh? Pretty far, but if for some reason or another you're in the area, holla and we'll kick it. I'm always down to meet raw foodies that are around my age too, chyyeea :]

Jessica said...

i'm down. i've been trying to get to LA for some of the cool raw stuff maybe we can meet half way there and i'll have extra reason to meet up with a kindred soul!

Disa said...

Aw man Cru ain't that bad. I like the Mezze Platter. But I agree the Brownie could be thicker. I seems like the first time I had it it blew my mind, every other time it seemed a little too thin. I am sure you can do something way better. Glad you finally made it Erewhon. I went the other night too. Did you see the big champagne size bottles of Kombucha? Those will definitely be at my birthday.

April Nicole said...

ah, I didn't try the mezze platter.. and their entrees are good! It's just man... the service and desserts BLEEEW.

and YES, Erewhon=my new home
it's a dangerous place to be when you've got the money to spend, I will say that.

naw didn't see the mondo kombuchas, but mmm... a raspberry one sounds bombay right about now..