Saturday, May 3, 2008

I really miss the gym

My muscles have atrophied. seriously...everything that I worked so hard for over the winter break has just gone to shit and turned all jiggly since I can only get to the gym 1-2 days a week due to the shit school schedule I have this quarter. I'm not down with the jiggle...not uh...just doesn't fly with me. I've concluded that regaining my once rock hard abs (okay..maybe a SLIGHT exaggeration there...) is going to be top priority..which means that a full 8 hours of sleep is going to take the back burner..'ll be worth it in the end..I'd rather be a little tired with a six pack, then fully rested with a jiggly ass.
Speaking of jiggly asses, i'm doing a self-guinea pig project for my health science lab. My professor and everyone in that class clings to the whole calorie in vs. calorie out idea..."count your calories! even if they come from spinach or sea greens! every calorie counts!" GAAAY.
to prove them all WRONG, because i'm cool like that, i'm going to attempt to consume between 5,000 and 6,000 calories a day and MAINTAIN my weight. i'm all about the QUALITY of the calorie..because really, that's ultimately what it comes down to. Don't get me wrong, exercise and caloric expenditure DO have a place...they just aren't the entire it pisses me off when people get caught up in the 'starvation' hype. eat less, move more. If only it were that simple. PLAAAAHEZZZ. The human body is FAR more complex then this, being as highly adaptive as it is...give it some credit. SO yeah, we'll see how that goes.

ALSSSOOOO made a ridiculously good german chocolate cake.
seriously, this thing was damn good.
it took forever to make, but it was so worth it.
The german chocolate cake in all it's glory

The German chocolate cake in all its the freezer..also..ignore the salmon..that'd be my parents. 


Also, my brother STILL refuses to try my desserts over his usual daily intake of hot cheeto puffs and 2 minute microwave burritos, but he wanted to be included and make an appearance in my blog, so I gave him the long as he made the cake look good, and sexy most importantly...
here's the outcome pictures from our mini kitchen photo shoot.

wtf is he looking at?


So that's all the goodness that went down in my house today.
Right now i'm gettin ready to watch Juno, and then go clean up the kitchen...AGAIN...since it seems impossible for anyone to keep ANYTHING clean in this house without my assistance.
Mom's asleep from too much Budweiser (did they REALLY have to come out with a lime flavored beer? she has TWO favorite beers..sorry Corona light, you're no longer #1 in her heart).
Dad's watching man vs. wild...damn Bear Grillis (sp?) is eating some snake's head and drinking his own he's making a smoke signal for the helicopter to find him.
I really want to learn how to rock climb.
Little cousin is spending the night again, which means no sleep for anyone until after his sugar high has him crashing.
Cody (my brother) just got grand theft auto 4, so I plan on having a love affair with the 360 until I beat the shit outta that game. (the graphics are insanely DOPE).
Might go play some DDR later on if I don't get the lazies. 
I really miss a certain guy who's name starts with an "S"...I hate you for playing phone tag with me and then disappearing off the face of the earth..damn you...we need to make babies already and get past this bullshit. yeah, you know who you are.

Time for Juno.