Thursday, April 10, 2008

If they don't care, why do I give a shit?

Sorry for laggin on the blog posting lately...i've never been so ridiculously busy in my life.. (okay, I might be exaggerating a BIT..but i'm trying to make a point here) All week, I've been running around like a chicken without a fucking head. Back and forth, up and down, here and there, blah and blaaaah.
Going to sleep at 5 o'clock in the morning, waking up at 7 (because by no choice of my own, i'm one of those weirdos who can't sleep in past 7:30am) and then rushing in between class and Goodwin's Organics, then coming home around 10 and doing some half assed attempt at starting homework for the next class (which usually isn't for another 2 days..but if I don't start on this start ahead of time, I'll forget.)  and then back to making desserts..I honestly just wish I could cut out the homework (who REALLY needs to know what a dendrite is? Because you know how imperative this information is in your day to day life....damn neuroscience bullshit..) and jump straight into the desserts. Time seriously flies when I'm in the "dessert mode" state of mind. Everything becomes nothing, and I care to hear is the lovely sound of the vitamix crushing my nuts into an oblivion (while simultaneously praying that the damn thing doesn't it has a tendancy to do so). 

So onto the good stuff.
There's plenty of brace yourself......

are you ready?


too fucking bad, i'm telling you anyways.

So here's a little background information on the store featured here in the picture on your left...or right i guess, depending on where you're positioned on your computer.
Here's something I stole from their site which goes over the company's "goal" ...

"About Goodwin's Organic Foods & Drinks"

"Martin Goodwin, a third generation grocery retailer, saw a real need to help people improve the quality and length of their lives by providing the most whole and pure Organic foods and drinks available.

There were some challenges to overcome, including sorting out the clutter of terms surrounding foods: Antibiotic free. Organic. All natural. No hormones. Locally grown.

All of them have their benefits. Unfortunately, when most people hear or see “natural” or any number of the other terms, they assume “Organic” as well. Not so.

After months of visiting a number of “health food” stores and “natural markets” Martin thought, “It would be great to walk into a market with the assurance that everything in the store is certified Organic. No checking labels. No concerns that part of what you’re enjoying on a break between classes or bringing home to your family that evening is going to be laden with contaminants.”

Goodwin’s Organic Foods & Drinks was born. More than a store, Goodwin’s is committed to creating a community dedicated to enjoying life – at the market and online – and we invite you to be a part of it. There’s more information in the Community and Membership sections, so take a look at each of them. You’ll see that what we’re ultimately committed to is your health and wellbeing; helping you to vitalize your living. We’re glad you’re here, and look forward to visiting with you in person at the lounge in the market."

You know what I love about this store? The people that work here (well, MOST of them) and the owners, are actually genuinely NICE people and who actually give a shit about their customer's. This leads me into my next point.

I've been trying to break "into" selling my desserts in stores (mostly due in part to a personal vendetta I have with earth cafe) and making it affordable to people. Personally, when I'm out and see some raw dessert that looks interesting...i'll usually pick it up and (obviously) check the price. Most of the time it's going to be well over $5.00, and it's going to be some dinky ass, piece of shit, my rabbit makes turds bigger then that, portion. I've been pedaling my raw desserts to pretty everyone that works at this store, just because I figured..if I was going to start somewhere...why not here? I'm totally down with supporting family run businesses.

Blah blah thing lead to another, and the next thing I know, i'm walking around with the owner's wife who's asking me if i'd be interested in selling my raw desserts there. 


um...NO FUCKING SHIT I AM!!! HOLY HELL YES!!! JESUS TITTY FUCKING CHRIST I LOVEEE YOU FOR ASKING ME!!! I didn't actually say that....but I imagine it would've been pretty hysterical if I had (the owner's are like, hardcore religious) haha...

 So today was the official "first" day of my products being on the shelf for sale. PRETTTTYYYY EXCITTINGGG!

I'm trying not to get TOO excited though, since the demographics are way more different out here in san ask people if they'd like to sample something vegan and THAT'S extreme for them...let alone RAW vegan...

I was out putting samples next to my desserts (intentionally RIGHT NEXT to earth cafe's sample sized $7 cheesecakes, MWAHAHA) and some lady grabbed one and said, "how many CALORIES are in this?"

I then proceeded to explain the concepts of raw vegan foods, and how your body utilizes whole, organic raw food, much differently then processed, packaged food...needless to say (her cart was filling with 100 calorie cheese snack packs and gummi fruit snacks.) she wasn't very convinced..and walked away, disappointed by the fact that these desserts weren't blasted enough to a point where they'd be less then 50 calories each. 

If you look closely, you'll notice a few things. 1. my raw brownies are being sold $4.00 a pop...the pies (I did the pumpkin pecan) are going for $4.50 2. earth cafe's dinky sized cheesecakes cowering underneath mine 3. my sad attempt at packaging and labeling, since I had literally NO time to get proper tags made in time.

At first they wanted to sell my pies for $6.75 a piece. Nope, won't do it. "But you'll make more money." Don't care...I'll worry about making more money when i'm actually in DIRE need of it...which i'm not at the's a new product, and I don't want to scare people off by trying to market something they're ALREADY if-y about at a higher price...not higher then earth cafe..but still high compared to what they can get a junk cheesecake for. It's just not fair. I want people to be able to taste and SEE that raw vegan food isn't "weird" or just all about salads and fruit (even though, let's face it, it probably SHOULD BE, haha) I guess it just boils down to caring about people, and their health.

There's enough people giving bad vibes and being pissed off at everyone and everything....

           "cold pressed espresso coffee +dessert=magic"

This is going to sound REALLY weird...but, I was out running around trying to get desserts stocked, and this little kid was crying, you would've SWORN her mom smacked the shit out of her when no one was looking, because seriously..her face was BEET red.

So while i'm running back and forth, I eat shit and trip over some stupid extension cord left out on the floor...SHIT HURT SOOO BAD! And what happens? Well, aside from a pathetic attempt at trying to look "suave" while falling, and saying as I got up "yeah, I totally meant to do don't go and try to jock my moves you boo boo motherf'ers."...the little kid starts laughing SO LOUD!

I get up, brush myself off, and she starts looking sad again.



only this time, completely intentional....she starts laughing again. Ah, music to my ears (well, opposed to her screaming bloody hell anyways).....i'm not quite sure WHY most children find violence, or self-inflicted harm humorous (okay..probably for the same reasons WE do..but come on, they're kids! that type of humor shouldn't develop until at LEAST 10 years old) but because I give a shit about people more then I do about myself, I happily threw myself into the wall, and other various hard surfaces, a few more times for her amusement. "look at the crazy girl mommy, she's funnnnny!"

yeah, funny looking! ohh, self-burn.

Well, it's time for me to relax (i.e. strip down and watch the food network with some blueberry coconut ice cream) Cross your fingers for me that my desserts do well! I know i'd have no problem selling them in LA, or Orange County...but you have to start somewhere right?

ALSO...don't eat more then 5 figs in a sitting. Seriously. I had to leave lecture twice because I got the mean shits from eating so many of them. AHAHA. not that you needed to know that, but now you deal with it. :]


Rediscover Raw Food said...

Completely awesome that your stuff is in stores! Sounds like you're on your way to your goal. Did I miss something? What's your beef with Earth Cafe? Price? Or something more nefarious? Gimme the gossip!

April Nicole said...

price, YES. that's a big one...especially since we did the math, and their cheesecakes only cost $1.45 to make..and they're ripping people off at $7 a slice. GREEDY BASTARDS!

also, I had a bad run in with the marketing rep awhile back in LA. baaaaadd, let me tell you....haha
now...I have to fulfill my vendetta! mwhaha


Where is this store located?
I live in the LA area and would love to try your stuff.
My husband and I aren't raw, but we are vegan.

April Nicole said...

It's in Riverside, CA. :/
Kinda out of the way from the LA area...but i'm in the process of trying to get my stuff into Whole Foods be on the look out for it!! :]

Disa said...

Yeah April! You are living out my fantasy. I wanted to sell my cheesecake to local restaurants and such around here, but didn't didn't have the passion and creativity you do. Not to mention it's was hard making $25 cheesecakes all the time when my budget is already super tight. Anyways I am so happy for you. I have a friend in San Bernardino. I will make sure she picks some desserts before I make her another batch of Kale chips. I am telling my boyfriend how excited I am for you right now and he is up to go eat your cheesecake in front of the store- loudly proclaiming how delicious it is. If you ever need some promoters- you know who to call.

April Nicole said...

awwwe thank you disa!

that seriously made my night. SERIOUSLY.
as soon as I get all the proper licensing and shit.. (who knew selling things made out of your home was illegal in california? oops...!)
i'm going to deliver you something insane looking/tasting.
just because you're down as shit

craiga said...

This is Craig of Earth Cafe Living Foods. I don't quite understand your beef with our company, If in fact you did the math (and used in calculation the same quality/organic ingredients that we use) you would of course know our cost point is well north of $1.45. I wish like heck it was $1.45 for if it was our desserts would be much lower. In either regards you are wished the best in your endeavors and may good fortune find you. Best wishes, Craig....

karla said...

Hi Craiga...

I emailed Erth Cafe regarding the nutritional information on the Who's Your Daddy pie... I buy at least 3 a week.. Bottom line, they are to die for and I seriously would'nt care if they were $10 a slice, I'd still buy them.

I would love to know a couple things tho... How many calories is in a slice along with the fat grams and carbs...

The fact that I have not heard back from your company is a little concerning... I am guessing that you do not wish to divulge that information.. It probably contains an obscene amount of calories!

But seriously, it was a tad upsetting that the company didn't even have the decency to even email a response to me after I stated that I am and would continue to be a loyal fan... I have introduced your products to many people and strngers for that matter, to your pies...

rawpomona said...

just found your blog -- I'm in Pomona and willing to drive out to Riverside to check out your pies -- are they still for sale there? what days are they available?

Eat Raw said...

Hey Karla,

I'm embarrassed to admit I am just now seeing your comment. This is a website I don't often visit. Anyhow I am very sorry for not getting back to you sooner and for us not responding to your email - not good! Our Nutritional Facts are available on our website. You can find them in our On-Line Store. Again so sorry on all fronts. Craig, Earth Cafe Living Foods

Dracrael said...

Your cheesecake and other items look wonderful. I want say this in the nicest way because I am supportive of what you do, but many raw and vegan consumers eat that way specifically for the healing, living power of the food. Many of those people also believe that when you create food you pour your own energy into it - people who are battling and/or recovering from disease try to avoid food made by someone who is seething with anger while they make it. I would hesitate to eat your food because you seem by your comments and language to be consumed by your vendetta and its hard not to imagine you wacking raw nuts to pulp screaming "take that Earth Cafe!!" Perhaps you so truly love what you do that it balances out. Anyway, I hope that you take this the right way, and I wish you success.