Saturday, April 19, 2008

and then I envisioned him being shot in the face

                Double Chocolate Hazelnut Tart

       Chocolate and Coconut Cream Tartlet

"...and I'm gonna call this my 'I wish I had never met you so my life would still be intact' pie".

my mom bought the movie waitress, and though not really a keri russell fan, I decided it give it a shot. pretty funny stuff. though, maybe I only found it so comical because I was able to eerily relate to her fu*ked up relationship in the movie, and the awkwardness of carrying on another one on the down low....not so much the baby part though. hah.

speaking of awkward, I ran into an ex of mine at the gas station...
now, there's a lot about me you guys don't know (not that i'd expect you to all know the dark underbelly of my life happenings...and if you DID..well, you either know me personally, or you're stalking me.) but in a nutshell, this relationship was one of those 'dramatic, extremely volatile, sex crazed, alcoholism inducing' relationships. Now when I say volatile... volatile = shit being thrown, including (but not limited to) fists, lamps, needles, bottles, shoes and at some point or another, I believe a cast iron pan. 

Anyways, at some point or another, things ended because, like EVERY guy I date, he found something better (obviously, right?) and decided he'd have his cake and eat it to (literally). I found out, got pissed, more shit was thrown, he apologized, and I spent my days boozing it up and jumping from person to person in different club scenes to distract myself. 
I'm really very good at that. 

well, I always told him karma would catch up with him...that you can't just go around screwing (again, literally) people, and just live out your life. SOMETHING bad would happen sooner or later...and though I cared deeply, not NEARLY as deeply as my constant wishing that he'd come down with some form of testicular cancer...hell, i'd even settle for him gaining 60lbs or so and getting type 2 diabetes. hehe...that'd teach him. He stills has both balls, and he's still skinny as shit and unfortunately, diabetes free. BUT..and this is a big BUT...he's got 2 kids, with, I swear to you, the nastiest, white trash, trailer park piece of shit you've ever seen. Girl looks like a cross mutation of a donkey and an emu. sort of a long, beak"ish" face. (just so I don't seem like a total bitch writing this, i have met her on a previous occasion, and she's rude as no, I do NOT feel badly about calling her these very appropriately given nicknames)

what goes around comes around I guess.

which makes me think....I've done some pretty horrible things in my life...mostly to myself...which still bad, if not worse.
so what's in store for me?

who knows.
maybe my boobs will get even SMALLER then they already are.
or maybe my ass will double in size, while the rest of my body remains the same...rendering me some unproportional  freak of nature.

ehhh, i'll probably die alone with my 450852855 cats and my raw desserts.
you love my optimism.  :D


April said...

Hey, I love your pictures and your gourmet desserts! I just talked about you on my blog because I think you are so talented!

Penni said...

Your desserts are totally works of art. I am sooooo glad to have found your blog. Such amazing work and great inspiration!


April Nicole said...

awe yay!
thanks you really means a lot to me. :D