Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tuxedos and Cream

I've created a monster.
This has to be, by far, the most delicious/succulent/yummy/mouthwatering/divine/heavenly (and just about every OTHER synonym you can think of that correlates with the word tasty) i've ever made.
Time consuming?
You bet your sweet ass it was.
You can also bet your sweet ass it was.
Worth it?
Look at it. Enough said.
I made really cute butterfly chocolates to put on top, but I ate them before they ever got a chance to make an appearence in the picture, so now while I sit here and post this, they're busy being burned alive by my stomach acid, and will shortly be making their way into my small intestine, haha. it's their fault for being so tasty, not mine.
So anyways. My inspiration from this came from (where else) a trip to the mall, where a friend and I (at my request) went inside the cheesecake factory to take a look at their cheesecakes. Oh man, a real treat for the eyes. Sometimes, even though I don't eat that shit, I want to WORK there...just to be able to plate and decorate the cheesecakes. I'm actually going to be taking an advanced cake decorating class at Micheal's in early April. The instructor said to bring my appetite, and when I told her I was a raw vegan, she looked puzzled and asked why I was going to this class. 
"To learn, oh and to feed my eyes"
"okay then.."
The Tuxedo Cheesecake in it's whole form (which will probably only last a few days)
       Yes, my slices are huge. I'm a fat ass when it comes to this shit, so sue me.

Alas! She doesn't understand it! Oh well.
My mom will ask the same thing sometimes..."April, WHY do you spend so much time making it look nice when you're just going to eat it?"

Easter's coming up, and there's going to be an easter egg hunt at my house. I've been recruited to make the (non-raw vegan) cupcakes. Or as my brother calls them, "the real shit". Fair enough. 
I'm going to make little fondant bunnies and chicks for the cupcakes, so they'll  be really cute for the kids. (not that they actually TRUELY appreciate it, but's the thought that counts I guess) I adore working with fondant. I only tasted it once before, and from what I rememberd the taste wasn't all that great (think of a bland marshmellow), but have to love how pliable and versitile that shit is.
Actually, making fondant is pretty easy to do, and way cheaper then buying it from the store...which normally runs about $15 for a little dinky ass pack. It's really just marshmellows, shortening and powdered sugar. All really bad for you. But again, you HAVE to appreciate the artistry that goes behind some of the creations. I actually just like MAKING things out of it, and then afterwards, advise people to "look and not touch" and to come and touch my nuts instead...nut based desserts that is.
The necessary "evils" of fondant


jaye said...

I just found your blog..Very cute and fun. Your desserts look yum.

April Nicole said...

awe, thank you miss. :]