Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tag, i'm it?

Alright, i've finally been e-tagged by someone! I've seen people postings these "tagged" things for awhile now, and watched it spread across blogger like the herpes. Disa (sorry Disa, i'd link your page...but i'm blogger retarded when it comes to linking shit in posts!) tagged me (woohoo) so now I get to post some (probably not too interesting, but midly entertaining) things about myself. 5 right? Well, Disa did 25, and i've seen some blogs with as many as 50. I honestly think people stop giving a shit about your random information bits after maybe 30, 35 tops...unless the shit you're posting is WAY out there...haha
So here it goes..i'll post as many as come to mind..

Things you DIDN'T know about me:

1. I refuse to talk in the morning UNTIL i've brushed my teeth. I know, it sounds really weird...but honestly, morning breath is NOT cool, and I refuse to have to force anyone who encounters me first thing in the morning to have to withstand mine, which probably smells like a mixture of garlic, chocolate, greens, berries, and coconut. delicious right?
2. I know more drug dealers then one probably should, and have dated at least 3. (I tried to convince him to replace his dime bags with hello kitty snack pack bags, but that didn't go over so well with him, haha)
3. I used to be hardcore into raving. That's right. I was a candy kid. Go ahead and laugh, haha.
4. I've woken up at LEAST 5 times in places and with people I didn't know, such as in lancaster in a tent, diamond in a bathtub half filled with vodka, and highland underneath some guys bed with a bottle of Jack somewhere nearby.
5. I watch the food network everyday. EVERYDAY. Paula Deen is one of my favorites. I love that she uses butter to fix virtually everything. "Oh honey, you got a cut on yo knee? USE SOME BUTTA." ahaha. I plan on seeing her live tapping as soon as she does one in the area. I'm also an avid reader of Woman's Day magazine.
6. I'm a wigger when it comes to cleaning. I despise dirty dishes and smudged windows, and will literally spend hours of my week on hand and knees to rid my house of these things (it's probably stems from the mexican in me, haha).
7. I've almost had a 4-some with my best friend in High School because we thought the scenerio would be a funny story to tell people when we got older..the 4-some would've included the school's tennis instructor, who ended up buying us veggie burritos and beer instead, haha..
8. Every morning during breakfast I sit with The Sun newspaper and do the crossword (along with reading my horoscope), I plan to actually be able to FINISH a crossword sometime soon, as being able to only do half is getting kind of discouraging. haha
9. I'm scared to death of needles. Yes, I have tattoos. Yes, I have piercings...but I was clinging for dear life onto the chair each time one was done.
10. I've made out with 2 transvestites at the same time before (they were both guys dressed up as britney spears pre-mental breakdown days). Yes, I was very drunk (don't try to drink more then TWO "Adios Motherfucker"'s, those drinks have that name for a reason...I had to find this out the hard way, since I severely UNDERESTIMATED exactly HOW MUCH liquor is in it..i'll post the recipe for it below)
Well...that's all I can or care to think of for now. I'm probably the last person on the face of blogger to be "tagged", so i'm not going to bother tagging anyone. haha. If you have actually yet to be tagged (like me before this post) then I tag you (insert name here) to list some things about yourself that no one knows. Try to top my list. Go ahead. I dare you.

The Adios Motherfucker Basic Cocktail

1 oz. Gin
1 oz. Light Rum
5 oz. Vodka
1 oz. White Tequila
1 1/2 oz. Blue Curacao Liqueur
1 oz. Sweet and Sour Mix
1 oz. Sprite Soda


Lovingraw said...

umm... you must have been a Scorpio is a previous life. Candy kid... me 2. Swinging glow sticks and all.

April Nicole said...

I can't see you raving it up...ever...

you'll need to provide photographic evidence of this..preferably in a blown up 20x20 format.