Friday, March 7, 2008

sundaes on fridays

Aah, yes. Today was a LONG ass day indeed. Didn't get to go to the gym (oh well) since I figured it was about time that yes. Today was a LONG ass day indeed. Didn't get to go to the gym (oh well) since I figured it was about time thaI got off my lazy ass and finally got my taxes done before it's too late. Had breakfast (asst. fruit bowl with coconut cream sauce), took
a shower, nearly died IN the shower because the water came out FREEZING COLD and I had to quickly navagate my way around it
all wet and naked...anyways, got dressed and hauled myself over to the credit union where they're (thank GOD!) doing tax
returns for free. YAY. Less work I have to do. 
So I get there and, of course, there is a line of 390410485110509273 people waiting to get their taxes done as well.
I half expected it to be like this, so I wasn't really too bothered by it (don't people work friday mornings?). After waiting for
what seemed like an eternity (around 2 1/2 hours) I was finally called up by some older southern black lady who shuffled at
a pace that would make an east african three-toed sloth laugh. After tediously gliding over to her desk, we finally got down
to the dirty work...which ended up taking ANOTHER 2 1/2 hours! good lord. Thank God I didn't have any plans for the day.
So after finally getting my taxes done a year and a half later, I run across the street to a liqour store to go pee (stupid credit union's 
bathrooms were out of order) and some old hippie mumbles something to me. It sounded like a cross between coochie and cookie, so i'm
not too sure about that...maybe coochie cookies? cookie coochies?
coochie cookie eaters?
who knows?
the world is a mystery.
a mystery that is going straight to hell!
GOOD LORD! I was watching CNN and they were saying that 42,000 people have been layed off in the past two months (retail wise) because
damn economy is headed into a recession and people can't afford to buy shit, since they're too busy spending $4 a gallon on gas. (i'm telling you, i'm investing in riding my bike everywhere!)
But, back to my pee story. 
So yes, I went pee (RELIEF!) and ran back across the street to my car.
Got home after being stuck in rush hour traffic for foreeeeever, and made myself the beauty featured above..and DID taste better then it looks...which, now that i'm looking at the picture...seems pretty impossible. mmm...cacaaaaaaoooooo...
I've also made a decision.
I'm going to become a raw vegan chef. It's been decided.
I've been raw vegan for over a year, and all day everyday all I ever think about is FOOD.. how to make something taste better, look better, etc etc. Well past the honeymoon phase and STILL obsessed with the creations of gourmet raw food dishes. I probably sound like the world's biggest fat ass, but I can't help it damn it. Tis' what I love.
Now, I just need to get the funds to get proper schooling for this dream of I really even NEED school for this? I mean, I've been to a few raw restaurants that seemed as though thier chef's had zero to none experiance in gourmet raw foods...hmmmmmmm..
Well...if I can't do that, I always have my fall back plan.

Writing comics for cyanide and happiness. haha.