Saturday, March 1, 2008

pumpkin march?

Sure, why the hell not? So I experimented with a few extra things I had leftover from the last dessert I made...the only thing that came to mind to make with these ingredients? Pumpkin pie of course! Whoever the hell says pumpkin pie is a seasonal thing is just as ridiculous as whoever came up with eggnog being a christmas thing. It could be hailing whale sized ice outside, and i'd probably still want to inhale a tub or two of my raw mint ice cream. mmm...sounds good to me...
Anyways, I just finished taking another impractical math i'm rewarded myself with this pie (even though, chances are I would've came home and eaten it regardless of the test anyways). I despise math. Jesus christ how I hate it. It guess it wouldn't bother me as much if it were going to be a practical life application, but I honestly don't see how slope intercept form and solving ratios for xy squared is going to assist me in holistic nutrition. Damn educational systems and their shitty ass "standards". I'm going to forget everything I learn math wise as soon as I get out of the class anyways.

Good news?
everything I studied last night for today's test I remembered.
Bad news?
jack shit that I studied last night was actually ON the damn thing.

oh well.
better luck next time? I doubt it, but deluding myself into thinking that gets me by without it bothering me so much. Yay for false hope! 

The rest of today's agenda will probably fall into something like this:
continue eating
take cody (my brother) to his gold digging girlfriend's house in redlands
continue eating
get bday present for my mom
continue eating
finish reading my book Waistland

sounds pretty good to me.