Thursday, March 27, 2008

"My God...this tastes so's like..the shit of Jesus.."

I love making raw desserts, seriously. It's unnatural how much enjoyment I get from creating these things. My brother calls me a lard ass all the time, and rightfully so, might I add..since I do eat an obscene amount of dessert, it's just, you know, raw.
My goal is to be able to get him to eat something an enjoy it.

Mom, check.
Dad, check.
Him? Not yet.

His idea of trying something new is dipping flamming hot cheetos into Ben and Jerry's 50th ann. Cake Batter ice cream mix. Which, i'll admit, is pretty ballsy considering what doing that does to your insides. To each his own I guess.
My dad's birthday is tomorrow (he'll be turning 51) so I went out and bought all the ingredients to make him a raw tiramisu.
Ever since he gave up dairy and meat (he still eats salmon and tuna on occassion) he's had to give up his favorite dessert...UNTIL NOW! mwahaha.

I must say though, this is the only time i'll be making this out of the kindness of my heart. A damn good birthday present, I think, since it cost me about $40 to make. Also, I don't know if you've ever tried cold pressing organic espresso...yeah...not as easy as I thought it was going to be..especially since you need to add JUST the right amount of water, so the flavor still really comes through. 

The tiramisu turned out bettter then I thought it would, taste wise...even after making some "modifications"...I ran out of nuts last minute, and had to substitute an avacado for a small part of the recipe..which oddly enough, made it turn out even better...much less dense.

After I took this picture, I ran out to the other fridge in the garage to hide it from him until tomorrow. I put it behind all of my brother's hot pockets and bagel I know it'll be safe from his prying eyes...
I was thinking about putting 51 candles in it for him tomorrow night, but I don't want the thing to melt, or the smoke alarms to go maybe just a tombstone candle...or a grim reaper candle...i've seen them sold during wonder if Hallmark would sell them in the birthday aisle?
I need to get him a good card too.
Probably go out and do that in a little bit.

SHIT! He's home!
Better minimize this screen before he has a chance to see it.


Much better.

School's starting on Tuesday. End of the nice little vacation i've been on. Ehhh, about time I get my ass out of the house and meet new people and such. I need a new laptop speaking of which.

SO. This either means, less blogging and unbaking because of class hecticness.
OR MORE blogging and unbaking, due to extreme lazyness and lack of interest in my it can really go either way. 
If I get my new Macbook Pro by the time school starts..i'm thinking it's going to be the latter.

OH OH! I finally found organic matcha powder! I was so excited, I nearly peed on myself. Swear to God. 
I'm going to make a green matcha and vanilla bean cheesecake for my friend's engagement party this weekend...i'm pretty excited to see how it's going to turn out, since i've yet to attempt using a tea powder as a flavor base in anything really. Matcha really is pretty wonderful though. So wonderful in fact, that the stores and every OTHER distributor apparently has the right to charge you $20 for a measly 4 oz. of the stuff, organic of course. The assholes.

The flavor is pretty outstanding though. And there's so many cute things you can make using matcha as a base.
Like these Totoro cupcake I found on someone else's blogger

I actually have the Tortoro DVD in my room somewhere. I'm a sucker for nearly anything Japanese.
Japanese art, food, men, you name it, i'm all over it.

I found the cutest sushi game online the other day too...well...not so much CUTE, since the customers in the game get pissed off if they're not drunken off your sake, but you know cute in a "awe, look at the little drunk cartoons eating the sushi I made" way.

Off to buy my dad's birthday card before I forget to do it today.
tah tah.


Disa said...

Me...again. Where did you get the Matcha? I am totally addicted to it but the one I have has sugar in it and yeah at the rate I use it I can't afford those little 4oz cans for $20 bucks. The best thing I have found is on the Rishi website for a box of 10 2oz packets for something like $20.

April Nicole said...

yeah, I got the Rishi brand packets for like, $16.99.
the cashier was laughing and saying, "why on EARTH would you spend so much on tea?!"

i told him.. "have you ever tasted this shit?! it's amazing!"

I got it at this little marketplace near my parents house...goodwin's I think it's called..

Uncooked Hipster said...

Oh, girl.

Rediscover Raw Food said...

Hey April, Call 118, because I got an email with directions to some place off Portola for tomorrow's class. Unless somebody's just messin with me...LOL

April Nicole said...

ok, I JUST got the email...haha..
shit...I bet anything i'm going to get lost..the 405 freeway and I always have the worst of luck when mixed.