Monday, March 10, 2008

it's not peach season, BUT...

So I was flipping through a Woman's Day (don't laugh) that was laying on the kitchen counter the other when I saw one of the prettiest looking peach pies i've ever seen. Nice right? HMM! Well, I figured since I damn well near polished off what was left of the blueberry pie that I had last made, I figured why not put a spin on this and try to make my own verison. $30, three trips to the store, and 3 hours later (i'm a bit of a perfectionist, so sue me) I finally made what was to be my OWN peach raspberry pie. I'm not sure why, but i've been having this odd obsession with marbling EVERYTHING. I just think it makes things look so nice, don't you? Well, even if you don't, I don't give a damn...because I KNOW IT DOES. haha. Anyways, after letting this baby set in the freezer for an hour, it was carefully transported to the fridge to set up overnight.Now i'm not sure if this is just me (probably not) but everytime  I make something, I always end up thinking..."this could be better. It's good. Oh yes, it's really good. But I KNOW I can make it better.." I guess it goes without saying, that old cliche about an artist's work never really being finished. 

The sweet ass marbling that went on in my kitchen before going into the freezer

      Ta DAH! The finished product! 

Damn grocery stores need to start giving me discounts or some shit...I want irish moss and cacao butter, but it's going to cost me $50 for those two things alone. I can get drugs for cheaper then that! What on earth is this world coming to?!!