Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I made a banana cream pie today for my mom in some pathetic attempt at getting her to eat a LITTLE better, you know, to sort of compensate for all the drinking she does. (how fucked is it that I just turned 21 and she could, without a doubt, drink me under the table?) She won't touch any of my entrees....YET...but, she's always been a dessert fan...so I try to get her to eat well through that area. 
I know i've done something right when she enjoys the dessert i've made.
I know i've done something amazing when she asks for a second piece.
And I know i've done a work of God when she tells me she'd rather have the dessert instead of a corona light...(even after some hesitation)

I've never really been a fan of banana cream pies...or really bananas in general..don't get me wrong, they're good. They just don't agree with my insides all the time.

Bananas = constipation and bloating no matter HOW ripe they are

too much information?
Too bad. You're reading MY blog damn it, so you're going to hear about shit not being able to pass through my ass when it needs to.
Speaking of which, digestive enzymes? I highly recommend Brenda Watson's enzymes. They're the best, seriously. You take one of those, and your stomach will be able to shred through metal. As it should be, since her enzymes are like, $5 for small pack of ten pills.
Damn you Brenda Watson and your stupid ass fiber 35 diet and amazing enzymes.

I'm spending way too much money also.
More money then a student without a job should be.
But not on clothes, or makeup...nope..on food, flowers for my mom (they seem able to put her in better mood ever since she's gone menopausal), teas, gas, and supplements.

stupid cost of living.

I need to start dating another drug dealer...