Monday, March 3, 2008

Go Green GO

Gas prices are skyrocketing. Organic produce prices are going up as a result of the aforementioned gas prices. Company's are making layoffs and aren't looking to hire new employees because people can't afford to spend money on the produce (so much for me finding a job before school 
starts). I can't find the remote to change emeril on the food network from my tv (how many times can one man say BAM?!). It seems as though the entire world is falling to pieces. Well, when life handes you chaos make...coconut cream pie?                       sure, why the hell not?   
At first skeptical, seeing as how i've yet to create one of these lovelys, I undertook and embraced the challenge at hand. Not that coconut cream pie usually has chocolate in it (otherwise, i'm assuming it'd be called a coconut chocolate cream pie..) but I made a cacao coconut chocolate to swirl into the top portion, giving it a marble effect. Looks pretty huh? No? Screw you then...I think so. 
So while everyone sits around my house complaining about how nothing is affordable anymore (which, obviously, is becoming VERY much true) and the economy prepares to go into a recession, and the rest of the world crumbles to complete shit...what with people starving to death in third world countries, while people over here are killing themselves with self-induced gluttony of foods leading to obesity. Babies being born to crackhead mothers and everything else you can think of that, well, pretty much sucks...I can at least make the people around me day's a little bit better by giving them a slice of my coconut cream pie. (actually, my mom says i'm making her fat since I prepare something for her nearly everyday...but honestly, it's nowhere NEAR as bad as all those corona lights she drinks...which has always boggled me..why drink corona LIGHT? I mean, beer makes you fat you honestly think sparing those few extra calories in it is going to help? I guess the piece of mind it gives buyers is what makes it sell...go figure)
So back onto the pie. It turned out wonderfully.                                                                     
So much so, that I had nearly 3 slices in one sitting. Yes, I felt like a morbidly obese
penguin afterwards (I had to waddle my way to my car to go get some things out of the trunk).
It was so worth it though. 
My god, was it worth it.
                               The wonderful end result of the coconut cream "in your pants" pie

On a side note, I'm considering marketing some of my products (well, selling where ever I can more or less) around my parents residence (more inland). I'm not really too sure how i'm going to go about doing this, but there needs to be more raw vegan foods available out there...I mean, out in LA it's pretty much everywhere. Raw restaurants galore compared to a lot of other states. Not so much inland empire.
I believe it's about time that that changes.
So, I'm thinking that as soon as I compose a list of my best raw dessert recipes, i'll start handing out samples and selling where ever I see a market for it. There are so many people out there who need to be exposed to the tastiness that is raw vegan cheesecake! and cookies! and pies! and etc etc! It's such a shame that it's lagging...
So yeah, be on the lookout for that if you live inland and are interested in getting some products..
So far I'm going to put on my list of TO SELL:
Pumpkin Pie
Blueberry Cheesecake
Coconut Cream Cake
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

And then after I see how those things sell, I'll start branching out into more complex things...don't want to spend all that money trying to sell some raw blackforest swirl cheesecake if people aren't even interested in the basics..haha