Friday, March 14, 2008

Do you like pina colada's?

why yes, yes I do.
I've had that, and miley cyrus's new song stuck in my head all day...and it's starting to annoy the hell out of me.
In fact, I was on the elliptical at the gym and caught myself mid-song singing the pina colada song...OUT would've been embarressing had I given a damn what anybody in that godforsaken gym thought about me. Thankfully, that is most certainly NOT the case.
To solve this "pina colada" crisis of mine (since there was really nothing I could do about the miley cyrus half of it) I decided to make a pina colada pie. 

Yes, I know. 
"April, do you make anything OTHER then pies or cheesecakes?"
Yes. I do. I swear. Maybe.
I just love my desserts okay? I'll start taking pictures of the entrees that I do...promise! The desserts look prettier anyhow, and everyone loves dessert! Speaking of dessert (not that this really has anything to do with dessert) i'm on a mission to find a good durian. I've been meaning to try one of those out, but everytime I SMELL them, ugggh..yeah..reminds me of when my dad eats way too much garlic. Not something I correlate with FRUITY. 
I keep seeing posts on about durian too. Really delicious sounding things (minus some of the "durian pudding" pictures i've seen that look like toddler offense to anyone who took those pictures, but yeah..not too delicious looking).
How do you go about picking out a good one?
You know..i've barely figured out how to pick out a GOOD thai coconut?! My god, I hated always having to eeny meeni minny moe my way through the lot.
The top of the husk should be hard, and no cracks in the bottom, with a firm outer body. 
Bruises apparently have nothing to do with the quality of the meat on the inside...unless the bruises are purple..avoid those like the plague.
But just in case, always buy two. So you spend an extra $2 (or however much you pay). If you get a shit one, at least you'll have a fall back coconut so you don't have to haul your ass to the store AGAIN just to buy one coconut. (this has happened to me multiple times, so I just gave up and started buying them in doubles).
You know, a few weeks ago I bought one, opened it, and HOLY SHIT THERE WAS NOTHING INSIDE!
I was shocked, angry, sad, and confused all at the same time. Quite overwhelming. 
Not really. But you know. It was pretty confusing to say at the very least.
I considering taking a picture of it to post on here, and express my outrage and confusion in a separate post completely dedicated to coconuts and "coconut ghosts", but it really just looked like I had already scraped the meat out and ate didn't really look too impressive in the pictures. Oh well. Another one bites the dust.
Damn it. There's that miley cyrus song again. 
"I got this crazy feeling deep inside..."
hehe..that sounds pretty dirty doesn't it? And that girl's only like, 15...! All things aside, she actually has a pretty decent voice. Back onto the desserts. So aside from the pina colada pie I made, I made mini-strawberry shortcakes since I had made WAY too much pie base for the pina colada pie. They came out really cute looking since I ended up using cupcake holders instead of my tart dishes, which have mysteriously gone missing from my cabinet. 

                                                                    Mini-Strawberry Shortcakes 

So my next dessert, I think, will either be something chocolatey or a key lime pie. Quite possibley both. Who knows? My wallet and stomach are the limit. Also, my dad's birthday is coming up. He's not a raw vegan (more or less a macrobiotic veggie/vegan "on occassion fish" person now), but he enjoys my raw desserts as much as I do. Since he hasn't had a birthday cake since he cut real sugar out of his diet, I plan on making him a raw german chocolate layered birthday cake...we'll see how that pans out...


Disa said...

If I had the shit load of money needed to open my Unbakery (or any money at that) I would hire your cute little self as my head unbaker, since apparently you kick ass. Oh yeah and I love pina colada's too. Miley Cirus - not so much. She looks like my ex's current mistress. Take care dear.

Disa said...

I am tagging you. This thing is going around like crazy. So here you go... You now have the freedom to post 5 random things that we don't know about you. Or go crazy like me and post 25. Have fun.

April Nicole said...

haha, if I had shit loads of money, i'd open up my own place too. :[

hahaha. yeah, miley cyrus isn't one of my favorite people either..but her song...damn's drilled into your head once you hear it! argggh!