Sunday, March 16, 2008

Do what you love. (hopefully that's me, haha)

I was sorting through some papers yesterday, trying to clean out the clutter of paper that has accumulated underneath my desk over this past week, and found a slip of paper with my old photobucket user ID and password! I was pretty excited, since I thought this was the account i'd been looking for with my pictures from my trip to hawaii last year (I have around 6 accounts AT LEAST on photobucket..why? I have no idea..haha). It wasn't the same account, but something better!
Not too long ago, my car got broken into and most of the shit was either stolen or scattered in the street, or ripped to shreds (jesus christ, people are ghetto). Anywho. Among the things destroyed in my car was an art portfolio of mine that had virtually EVERY piece i've ever done. Sketches, charcoal, pastel, you name it. Well, I forgot that I had scanned everything (thank god!) into a photobucket account for safe keeping, in case anything ever happened to the originals (which did, since misfortune enjoys frequenting the spot above my head on most occassions). None of the paintings are in there (you know how hard it is to scan acrylic without it coming out looking like smeared shit on the computer?!) but a lot of my sketches were. Check them out, and enjoy art. :] 

I only wish I would've saved more of my stuff onto photobucket. :[