Sunday, March 2, 2008

come touch my nuts

Creamy, smooth, sexy, lucious, decadent, delicious candied cherry cheesecake. The resolution of the picture makes the cheesecake look more, um..yellow.. then it actually is..but trust tasted amazing. Anywho..nothing really going on today aside from the wonderfulness of this cheesecake.
Took that damn math placement exam as school.
Now tell me...why does a math PLACEMENT exam have only trig. questions?
I mean, you're supposed to be seeing where I am, and what my understanding is in 
ALL facets of mathmatics..(even though all mathmatics, except of course basic math, are
in my eyes, essentially a complete waste of time) So there I sat amongst 100 other people                  
at 7:00 in the morning, ass sore because the damn seats in the auditorium they had us in
has no padding on their seats (hello steel seating!), and stomach grumbling because
apparently my body wasn't full off my fruit and nut bowl breakfast (or maybe it
was just indigestion..who knows..). The test was 3 hours long. My mind stopped
thinking about math about 15 minutes in. It's not that I gave up PER SAY...i'm just not
going to set myself up for disappointment by deluding myself into pretending to know something I know NOTHING about.
Stupid math. It ruins everything. I'm going to blame all of my life problems on math.
Out of money? I blame this on the math dept....damn them..for...whatever it is that they did that caused this...even though..I know it was nothing...but saying and thinking so makes me feel yeah.. I'm just rambling..
Toodles for now.
I'll be back tomorrow with more goodies and stuff to share.