Saturday, March 8, 2008

blueberry hill

My mom came home with the most amazing surprise ever.
Well, not EVER..but still pretty cool...
fresh organic blueberries from her friend's backyard! A whole damn crate of them! (this thing seriously had to weigh at least 5-7lbs.)
After sitting with the box, eating them one by one, for about an hour...I figured I'd use the rest to make a blueberry cheesecake.
It didn't turn out as dense as I would've liked it to have (I adore heavy, sweet desserts) but it was still a nice, light treat that went really well with a last minute blackberry fruit spread I made.

Aside from that, nothing too interesting here today.
IRS spent $42 million on letters to inform people of how tax rebates WORK. 
Some lady squirted her 4 year old with a gas station hose.
A body was found on ice somewhere.

And people look at ME weird when I tell them the world is headed towards an apocolypse.