Tuesday, March 4, 2008

bicycles, brownies and...the flu?

Everybody in my house is sick. 
My mom has a cold.
My dad has the flu.
And my brother has some weird combination of the two, with constipation to boot. (in all fairness to that, I offered to get him some *get regular* yogi tea, but he said he'd rather be plugged up with shit then drink that, as he calls it, natural shit) So what I am to do? I feel kind of bad, what with NOT being sick and all...so I've been dotting on everybody's whim and need. Prepare you something delicious to eat? Sure, even though it's probably going to get thrown up, along with all that nasty bacteria, in a matter of minutes. But it's the thought that counts right? My dad's a fiend for chocolate...so I made him some cacao hemp brownies, as featured here. They turned out amazingly better then I expected them to...especially since I ran out of cacao butter last night. (hello late night snacking) I really need to stop doing that...it's just that..late at night, I have this itch to eat fatty things...imparticularly CHOCOLATE and COCONUT. I try to ignore these, since I hate eating late at night, but my body tends to over ride any rationality I have against it, and before I know it, i'm holding an empty jar. *sigh*
I need to go to Target to buy a bike chain.
I've decided that i'm going to help out the environment (but mostly my wallet) and start to bike everywhere (except the gym, since I don't think biking on a freeway is legal yet). I live in a kind of suburb area though..not that i'm making excuses, or wanting to come off as lazy..because i most certainly am not, it's just that everything is placed so far away from my house (damn marketing chain stores, they need to be closer!). I wish I lived in New York, so I could just walk everywhere...if I walk over here, i'd be walking for quite some time until I hit anything. Anyways, I told my mom that I plan on biking everywhere from now on, yada yada, and she just called me weird. Yes. Weird. Weird for wanting to BIKE somewhere instead of DRIVE. Wow. No wonder there's an obesity epidemic in this country, haha. Though, I didn't tell her that...because she'd just get mad and say something like, "what? are you calling me OBESE now?! you're going to give me body issues!" haha.
Hm...I wonder how much bike chains cost...certainly no more then what I've been spending weekly on gas....also, I'm going to need a basket to put on the front of my bike, you know..for when I bicycle to the store and need to put shit someplace.
My dad just told me I'm required to wear a helmet even though i'm not under 21. When did this happen?!
Damn laws don't even let me choose whether or not I WANT to be safe.
What if I WANT to crack my head open in some freak bicycle accident?! What if I don't WANT to live a long life?!
I do...but that's completely besides the point.

Great. I'm going to look like a complete douche bag.
A douche bag with helmet hair.
Way sexy.