Friday, February 29, 2008


Okay, so honestly...I could NEVER eat a 80/10/10 diet...unless of course the 80% was coming from fats. haha
Artisana coconut butter being my first and favorite choice. Seriously, I eat this shit straight from the jar with a spoon, EVERYDAY!!! Serving size 2 Tablespoons? Umm...I've cleared through this jar in 3 days..oops? I guess with all the avacados I eat and other deliciously good fatty things (we haven't even gotten to my deadly love affair with the cashew) that would bring my daily fat intake to about, oh, 70%? Haha.
Don't get me wrong, I do eat plenty of smoothie almost everyday, along with some large salads here and's just that...the salads just so HAPPEN to be topped and covered with this stuff right here..
If you've been living underneathe a hole and have yet to try this, please do yourself a favor (or not if you fear addiction, as it is almost guarenteed with this product, so proceed with caution) and buy a jar to eat. It's better then sex. Maybe? is...It's like the shit of jesus (excuse the sacrilige). Also, Artisana released ANOTHER amazingly delicious butter that tastes equally as delicious out of the jar as the coconut butter...dare I say, even more so perhaps? Anywho, it's called Amazon Bliss, appropriately named so in fact. 

Check it out. Eat it. Love it. 
I'm off on a mission to find some irish moss to make some desserts with (since my experiment substituting agar didn't go so well) !