Tuesday, November 6, 2007

First Blog

So this would be my first "official" blog post, obviously...anyways, here's a few things i'd like to start with just to get the metaphorical ball rolling...!

- I'm not a raw vegan nazi. If you eat greasy, microwave hot pockets (which, even i'll admit can smell reeeeallly good at times) I won't sit there and preach to you about how you're going to die with crusty insides...even if it might be true. :]
- I'm in the process of turning my underweight 95lbs frame into a body Kim Lyons would be jealous of.
- I'm not too big on "proper food combining techniques". I find that, for one, it tends to not only vary between individuals, but also seems somewhat irrelevent if you're consuming a 100% raw vegan diet.

Now, that all of THAT has been said, I shall address something that a lot of people ask me since i've gone raw...


This, of course, is something that I had actually taken into consideration while moving into a 100% state of being. Thus far, it hasn't been that long that since i've moved from a vegan, cooked whole foods to a raw food diet. Perhaps a month or so maybe? Since going raw i've dropped about 6lbs. or so I believe. (I rarely weigh myself, so this is a guess judging by how my jeans fit me) Weighed in yesterday at 95.4 lbs, which is "technically" underweight since my BMI is at 16.2 and you're supposed to be at 18.5 ish. My holistic doctor even warned me against going 100% raw, saying i'd end up looking like a holocaust victim (compassionate isn't he? haha). Well, screw them all I say! I figure, if I feel healthy, eat healthy, and live a healthy lifestyle...then what should weight matter? Screw the scales! Though, for my own vanity, i'd like to put on about 10lbs or so of PURE muscle! Since at the moment, I am kind of scrawny looking, haha. More avacado and David Wolfe cacao nibs? You bet your ass.