Wednesday, November 7, 2007

But April, where do you get your protein from?!!

Probably one of the most asked questions that I get from people who find out that I eat a raw vegan diet, would be, "you need meat for protein! I mean, where do you get your protein from? And what about your calcium? Milk is good for you."
Give or take, the majority of people tend to automatically pressume that meat is the only and most efficent way to take in protein (i.e. my hardcore spanish family)and meet all of your daily needs for it. Unfortunately, many people remain in the dark about (get ready for it!) the DARK SIDE OF MEAT!

"But April, you can't argue that meat DOESN'T have adequate protein! "

Yes, meat does have protein. But, meat also ferments in your small intestine while your body is trying to digest it, releasing loads of nasty toxins into your body. Carcinogenic byproducts, such as heterocyclic amines (HCAs) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) are created when the meat is cooked. Numerous research, both recent and old, have shown numerous incidents where test subjects developed certain cancers in organs such as the colon, breast and prostate. PAHs are formed when the meat's fat drips and the smoke from it is carried into the food, creating the "smoky bbq" flavor so many people enjoy. 
So, you still want that meat protein huh?
What if I told you that the amount of protein that your body ACTUALLY needs is only about a TABLESPOON of your hamburger?

Sorry...I needed that..
You know what happens to your body when you ingest more protein then your body actually needs?  The average male body only requires between anywhere from 50-70 grams of protein daily, whereas the average female body only requires between 30-50 grams. For a more exact figure as to how much protein your body needs, simply multiply your weight by .36, since your body only needs this amount per pound of body weight. Extra protein floating around in there? High intake of protein will only leach calcium from your body, which will eventually lead to osteoporosis.
High protein diet?

Sure, you'll lose weight...that's an obvious due to the diets high fat content. High fat foods make you feel fuller faster, so you end up ingesting fewer total calories.
Animal proteins are CHALK FULL of cholesterol and saturated fats. Long time ingestion of animal proteins will only create a significant increase in an individual's LDL cholesterol, which clogs arteries and is the number one cause of heart diseases such as strokes and heart attacks. 
Plant based proteins, not only lower LDL cholesterol, but increases your HDL cholesterol (the good stuff). This prevents any arterial plaque build up, along with significantly decreasing your risk of either heart attack or stroke. Vegetable protein also enhances calcium retention in the body, so you end up losing less calcium excretion in your urine (surprise! you do lose calcium everyday when you go pee pee). 
SO, there's that...and that's only a TINY bit of reasoning why meat is shitty (literally too, cooked meat looks like dog shit that you've accidently stepped on).

Alas! Even after explaining this my aunts, uncles, etc etc..I still get the "aye mejia, carnitas aren't it, it's good for eat too much rabbit food."

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

First Blog

So this would be my first "official" blog post, obviously...anyways, here's a few things i'd like to start with just to get the metaphorical ball rolling...!

- I'm not a raw vegan nazi. If you eat greasy, microwave hot pockets (which, even i'll admit can smell reeeeallly good at times) I won't sit there and preach to you about how you're going to die with crusty insides...even if it might be true. :]
- I'm in the process of turning my underweight 95lbs frame into a body Kim Lyons would be jealous of.
- I'm not too big on "proper food combining techniques". I find that, for one, it tends to not only vary between individuals, but also seems somewhat irrelevent if you're consuming a 100% raw vegan diet.

Now, that all of THAT has been said, I shall address something that a lot of people ask me since i've gone raw...


This, of course, is something that I had actually taken into consideration while moving into a 100% state of being. Thus far, it hasn't been that long that since i've moved from a vegan, cooked whole foods to a raw food diet. Perhaps a month or so maybe? Since going raw i've dropped about 6lbs. or so I believe. (I rarely weigh myself, so this is a guess judging by how my jeans fit me) Weighed in yesterday at 95.4 lbs, which is "technically" underweight since my BMI is at 16.2 and you're supposed to be at 18.5 ish. My holistic doctor even warned me against going 100% raw, saying i'd end up looking like a holocaust victim (compassionate isn't he? haha). Well, screw them all I say! I figure, if I feel healthy, eat healthy, and live a healthy lifestyle...then what should weight matter? Screw the scales! Though, for my own vanity, i'd like to put on about 10lbs or so of PURE muscle! Since at the moment, I am kind of scrawny looking, haha. More avacado and David Wolfe cacao nibs? You bet your ass.